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Time to end this.

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I like the idea of a daily blog - but I have neither the time nor the energy to make this space at all meaningful to a wider audience. 


I don't really know what I should do instead.

I don't much care for periodic entries, or the occasion month apart submission.  

So something will happen. Or it won't. 


In the meantime I'll be putting most of my energy into The Yarn - you should check it out. It's great. 


Xbox One - ya blew it...

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There have been no shortage of people basing Microsoft's new console  the Xbox One over the past two weeks since its announcement, and I for the most part have defended it. But today's announcement of the restrictions placed on the next generation console are just plain ridiculous. 

Have a look at the infographic below - the 360 has been my console of choice, but I'm seriously unimpressed by its follow up. Disgusting.



Beyond Recognition - The story of a full face transplant

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A great piece from The Verge's Katie Drummond on a extraordinary science of transplanting a human face:

Cheryl’s face was the best match that surgeons had found for Tarleton, but it wasn’t perfect: Tarleton’s body was already producing some key proteins that might fight off the transplanted tissue, and Pomahac estimated that the procedure carried up to a 20 percent chance of failing completely. If it did, surgeons would be forced to remove the transplanted tissue, leaving Tarleton with some variation of the disfigured face she’d had before the procedure.

Points too for the beautifully produced video of the story.


The Rider on the Storm

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Musicians with their instruments being interviewed. It's like crack for me. The video below is one of my favorites, an excerpt from Mr. Mojo Risin':The Story of L.A. Woman in which the doors legendary keyboardist Ray Manzarek talks about the creation of Riders on the Storm. 

Mazarek passed away 2 weeks ago, and although I blogged about his passing then - I feel as though I could post a new video about him every week. The joy in his playing is extraordinary and his passion truly infectious. RIP


Space based selfies!!

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Seattle company Planetary Resources are trying to raise $1,000,000 in Kickstarter to launch a user controlled orbital satellite, complete with external screen and self facing camera for the ultimate 'selfie'.

You can add your support now and get a picture of your choice displayed and photographed in space for only $25 - freaking cool!

A 3D sculpture made of string and light

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From the Monitor Digital Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico comes 'Lumarca', an immersive 3D sculpture made from the hanging of hundreds (thousands?) of pieces of string and a digital projector:

The Verge has done a nice interview with one of its creators Matt Parker that you can find here. I would love to see technology like this used as part of a performing arts piece - dance especially would suit this especially well.

Welcome to Guardian Australia

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UK Newspaper The Guardian has just launched an Australian focused digital edition, available right now:

When the Manchester Guardian launched on 5 May 1821, it had 1,000 readers, was published weekly and ran to just four pages. Today the Guardian has more than 40 million readers worldwide, most of them outside Britain, and is the third most-read English-language newspaper website in the world. Already more than a million of those readers are in Australia. 
Guardian Australia is digital. This gives us enormous freedom to deliver, discover and discuss stories in new ways. And because we are open, with no paywall, we are able to put the reader at the heart of what we do; we are open to suggestion, correction, clarification, engagement and debate.

A long time favourite of mine, and a well respected force of journalism - I can't wait to see how this turns out! 


The Goodes Incident

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A great piece from Alex Walters on The Yarn on the racial abuse at last nights football match:

 The image of Goodes pointing out the offender will remain in our game for all time. It is to be hoped that instead of coming to symbolise division, cynicism and ignorance the image becomes a catalyst for an enduring recognition of the diversity and strength that indigenous players bring to the game

The way that Adam Goodes has handled this incident is nothing short of extraordinary.

The One-Person Product

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I'm a little late to the party on this one, but Marco Armet's inside look in to the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo is a great read: 

Anyone who knows David can tell, very clearly, that he wrote every word of his announcement post. Not only did Yahoo let him end it like that, but the subhead on their official press release shows that Tumblr and Yahoo are seeing eye-to-eye on quite a lot already. In many ways, this feels more like a merger than an acquisition. This is clearly what David believes is best for his product. On such big decisions, he hasn’t been wrong yet. This time, though, I don’t have any doubts.

Marco was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Tumblr and his unique perspective on the company and it's founder is second to none.

Ray Manzarek on Light My Fire

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Today marked the sad passing of Ray Manzarak, the legendary keyboardist from The Doors. Last year I wrote about an interview Terry Gross did with Manzarek in 2000 for her NPR show Fresh Air where he (whilst seated at a grand piano) went through the creation of one of The Doors' most well known song, Light My Fire. 

Manzarek was an extraordinary musician and I can think of now better tribute than to repost this piece of audio - I cannot encourage you enough to listen to it.  


After listening to NPR’s Fresh Air on a daily basis for the past few years I can think few interviews that stand out more than Terry Gross’s chat with The Door’s keyboardist Ray Manzarek. In this short piece of the interview, Manzarek explains the writing process behind arguably The Doors most famous song, Light My Fire. From its original conception as a pop(y) Sonny and Cher like ballad, through it’s latin and jazz based evolutions and finally Jim’s lyrical touch, having Manzarek sitting at the piano playing through the work is enthralling to listen to.

Listening to people to people who are both passionate and talented at what they do is an absolute pleasure and a privileged - but having someone of Manzarek status let us into his world is beyond extraordinary. I cannot urge you enough to listen to this audio! Just wait until he begins to describe pulling the various aspects of his legendary solo together, breathtaking stuff.

(apologies for uploading the .mp3 version, the NPR embed code would not display properly - though the source link will take you directly to the story)


The marketing behind Daft Punk

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A fascinating piece from Billboard in the US running through a timeline leading up to the release of Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories.

January 15, 2013“We decided to do really limited press worldwide,” said Daft Punk’s longtime publicist, Kathryn Frazier. “We wanted to do only iconic things, like the cover of Rolling Stone.” Frazier began a series of hush-hush listening events for Random Access Memories in early 2013. “Paul Hahn and I were the only people who had the music, which we kept in the famous titanium suitcases,” Frazier says. “I wanted the listening sessions to be like a sensory deprivation tank, where all you could focus on was the music. It’s a big record with so much to take in -- you can’t just drop it at the door. It’s not a collection of electronic club bangers Daft Punk fans might expect, so creating context for it is everything.” “We’d searched a long time for the sound of the future. This time we stopped searching,” Bangalter says.

Throughout the whole piece, what really strikes me is the sheer passion and artistic drive of the marketing team. Their commitment to the authenticity and aesthetic of the album is jaw dropping from each of the 'Creators' video being filmed in 16mm film by Ed Lachman to the use of Saturday Night Live (a cultural institution in of its self) to reveal fragments of the album right through to the custom Hedi Slimane (Saint Laurent) designed robot suits. 

Marketing is so often seen as 'the enemy' or part of larger con against the general public, and whilst this is still a business run by Columbia Records - you can't help but feel that this campaign was run by people who were/are proud of their work and their product.

This will be the benchmark to beat for sometime to come, and it deserves that mantle completely - great work.


Daft Punk designed a bottle for Coca Cola in France back in 2011 - Who knew?!

Why 3D Printing Is Overhyped

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