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Ray Manzarek on Light My Fire

Added on by Tom Cramond.

Today marked the sad passing of Ray Manzarak, the legendary keyboardist from The Doors. Last year I wrote about an interview Terry Gross did with Manzarek in 2000 for her NPR show Fresh Air where he (whilst seated at a grand piano) went through the creation of one of The Doors' most well known song, Light My Fire. 

Manzarek was an extraordinary musician and I can think of now better tribute than to repost this piece of audio - I cannot encourage you enough to listen to it.  


After listening to NPR’s Fresh Air on a daily basis for the past few years I can think few interviews that stand out more than Terry Gross’s chat with The Door’s keyboardist Ray Manzarek. In this short piece of the interview, Manzarek explains the writing process behind arguably The Doors most famous song, Light My Fire. From its original conception as a pop(y) Sonny and Cher like ballad, through it’s latin and jazz based evolutions and finally Jim’s lyrical touch, having Manzarek sitting at the piano playing through the work is enthralling to listen to.

Listening to people to people who are both passionate and talented at what they do is an absolute pleasure and a privileged - but having someone of Manzarek status let us into his world is beyond extraordinary. I cannot urge you enough to listen to this audio! Just wait until he begins to describe pulling the various aspects of his legendary solo together, breathtaking stuff.

(apologies for uploading the .mp3 version, the NPR embed code would not display properly - though the source link will take you directly to the story)