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The marketing behind Daft Punk

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A fascinating piece from Billboard in the US running through a timeline leading up to the release of Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories.

January 15, 2013“We decided to do really limited press worldwide,” said Daft Punk’s longtime publicist, Kathryn Frazier. “We wanted to do only iconic things, like the cover of Rolling Stone.” Frazier began a series of hush-hush listening events for Random Access Memories in early 2013. “Paul Hahn and I were the only people who had the music, which we kept in the famous titanium suitcases,” Frazier says. “I wanted the listening sessions to be like a sensory deprivation tank, where all you could focus on was the music. It’s a big record with so much to take in -- you can’t just drop it at the door. It’s not a collection of electronic club bangers Daft Punk fans might expect, so creating context for it is everything.” “We’d searched a long time for the sound of the future. This time we stopped searching,” Bangalter says.

Throughout the whole piece, what really strikes me is the sheer passion and artistic drive of the marketing team. Their commitment to the authenticity and aesthetic of the album is jaw dropping from each of the 'Creators' video being filmed in 16mm film by Ed Lachman to the use of Saturday Night Live (a cultural institution in of its self) to reveal fragments of the album right through to the custom Hedi Slimane (Saint Laurent) designed robot suits. 

Marketing is so often seen as 'the enemy' or part of larger con against the general public, and whilst this is still a business run by Columbia Records - you can't help but feel that this campaign was run by people who were/are proud of their work and their product.

This will be the benchmark to beat for sometime to come, and it deserves that mantle completely - great work.


Daft Punk designed a bottle for Coca Cola in France back in 2011 - Who knew?!