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Welcome to Guardian Australia

Added on by Tom Cramond.

UK Newspaper The Guardian has just launched an Australian focused digital edition, available right now:

When the Manchester Guardian launched on 5 May 1821, it had 1,000 readers, was published weekly and ran to just four pages. Today the Guardian has more than 40 million readers worldwide, most of them outside Britain, and is the third most-read English-language newspaper website in the world. Already more than a million of those readers are in Australia. 
Guardian Australia is digital. This gives us enormous freedom to deliver, discover and discuss stories in new ways. And because we are open, with no paywall, we are able to put the reader at the heart of what we do; we are open to suggestion, correction, clarification, engagement and debate.

A long time favourite of mine, and a well respected force of journalism - I can't wait to see how this turns out!