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The best of youtube: 7notemode

Added on by Tom Cramond.

Arguably one of the greatest strenghts of youtube is the ability for individuals from around the world to build a community around their videos and their work. For me a great example of this is ‘7notemode’ a piano player from Durham in North Carolina who has been uploading performances and tutorials of his work since 2006. It’s wonderful to read the comments on each of his videos, as he happily engages with commenters on a range of topics from his playing, to his song selection, arrangement and even his recording techniques. Despite being a non-professional player this interaction has built him a solid fan base (over 9000 subscribers!) and allowed him to record and sell his first album, released just this month.
His arrangements versions of gospel, jazz and pop songs are really something to behold, I especially love his version of Jimmy Webb’s ‘Witchita Lineman’ that I’ve posted above.