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Space based selfies!!

Added on by Tom Cramond.

Seattle company Planetary Resources are trying to raise $1,000,000 in Kickstarter to launch a user controlled orbital satellite, complete with external screen and self facing camera for the ultimate 'selfie'.

You can add your support now and get a picture of your choice displayed and photographed in space for only $25 - freaking cool!

Why 6/2(1+2) is unanswerable... sort of

Added on by Tom Cramond.

Seen that Facebook maths problem being posted around? It turns out the fights about the correct answer may have some grounding:

So that brings us back to 6 ÷ 2(1+2). There are three ways to think about this problem—and none is incorrect. (If you don’t believe me, plug it into a few different calculators, or even check out Google, where commenters have argued over Google’s calculator answer.)

 TL,DR: BIMDAS/PEMDAS is correct, but so are the other methods