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Next level narratives - TV and Video Games come together

Added on by Tom Cramond.

Set 35 years in the future, Defiance is a combined TV series from US network Syfy and game developer Trion Worlds that will be released simultaneously in April of 2013. The whole concept is pretty ambitious with events taking place in the game directly effecting the TV show and vice-versa meaning both properties exist in the same universe in the same time and place (Earth). The game being set in San Fransisco and the show in St Louis. Gamers will also be able to interact with characters in the game world and use the same equipment/ vehicles/ weapons etc that are used in the show.

Sufficed to say, this is a pretty extraordinary and progressive endevour from the two companies and the list of ways this could get screwed up is seemingly endless. Yet, the concept itself is so strong and the with the ability to monetise and leverage the entire fictional universe and associated IP as a potential outcome, the possibilities for this are staggering. I can’t wait to see what comes of it!