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How many eggs in the basket?

Added on by Tom Cramond.

The current Broadway remount of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1979 musical ‘Evita’ starring Latin pop star Ricky Martin has suffered a massive hit at the box office:

When the weekly Broadway box-office grosses were released on Monday, what stood out was how much of a a hit “Evita” took: a stunning plunge of $547,537, largely due to the fact that its marquee name, Ricky Martin, was on vacation.

That’s about a 50% in revenue for those playing at home.

As a side, this little piece of information in the article is quite fascinating:

When Hugh Jackman was on Broadway starring in “The Boy from Oz,” the producers chose to close the production when he went on vacation. Jackman never missed a scheduled performance and remained in the show until it had fully recouped. At the time of its closing, “The Boy from Oz” had returned 1 percent profit to its investors.

Glitz and glamor aside, as an investor you could have left your money in the bank and seen a much greater return on your investment. Indeed, if you factor in inflation ‘The Boy From Oz’ effectively lost money.