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Consumer driven philanthropy

Added on by Tom Cramond.

I posted a few weeks ago about Australian social entrepreneur Simon Griffiths’ new venture ‘Who Gives A Crap’ and his pledged to remain seated on a toilet seat until his required seed funding of $50,000 was raised through a crowd sourcing campaign. Well I’m very happy to report that 50 hours later, Simon was successful in raising the money meaning his new brand of toilet paper (with 50% of profits going to sanitation projects) will be launching later this year!

The video I’ve posted today however is from late 2011 and shows Simon explaining his concepts on a new wave of philanthropy, geared more towards individuals and market based solutions. Essentially, he argues consumers themselves can become philanthropists based on three key tenants:

1) You cannot sell low quality products
2) There cannot be an excessive price premium
3) Purchases cannot be motivated by guilt

Simon is currently putting these ideas into action and setting up a not-for-profit bar called Shebeen in Melbourne selling beer from developing nations with the profit being returned to the produces and their communities.

Cracking stuff!