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Welcome to Guardian Australia

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UK Newspaper The Guardian has just launched an Australian focused digital edition, available right now:

When the Manchester Guardian launched on 5 May 1821, it had 1,000 readers, was published weekly and ran to just four pages. Today the Guardian has more than 40 million readers worldwide, most of them outside Britain, and is the third most-read English-language newspaper website in the world. Already more than a million of those readers are in Australia. 
Guardian Australia is digital. This gives us enormous freedom to deliver, discover and discuss stories in new ways. And because we are open, with no paywall, we are able to put the reader at the heart of what we do; we are open to suggestion, correction, clarification, engagement and debate.

A long time favourite of mine, and a well respected force of journalism - I can't wait to see how this turns out! 


The Curse of Australia's silent pervasive racism

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 Waleed Aly writing in The Age on Australia's very real problem of silent racism:

Our real problem is the subterranean racism that goes largely unremarked upon and that we seem unable even to detect. Like the racism revealed by an Australian National University study, which found you're significantly less likely to get a job interview if you have a non-European name. The researchers sent fake CVs in response to job advertisements, changing only the name of the applicant. It turns out that if you're surname is Chinese, you have to apply for 68 per cent more jobs to get the same number of interviews as a Anglo-Australian. If you're Middle Eastern, it's 64 per cent. If you're indigenous, 35 per cent.

The case against 'Gay Panic' in Queensland

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Now, I’ve always had my issues with the defence of provocation. I think it was the first time we studied a case back in second year Law where a defendant had received a more lenient sentence for the brutal murder of his wife because he had found out that she was having an affair. And then, whoops! Shovel to the head. I was insane with jealousy, your honour! I could not help it! You know what? Yes, you could. If your hypothalamus is so underdeveloped that you are capable of flying into a murderous rage because your wife strayed – probably because you were such a goddamn dismal lover – then you probably do not have any place in civilised society.

For my money, Luke Ryan is the best young journalist in Australia.

Consumer driven philanthropy

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I posted a few weeks ago about Australian social entrepreneur Simon Griffiths’ new venture ‘Who Gives A Crap’ and his pledged to remain seated on a toilet seat until his required seed funding of $50,000 was raised through a crowd sourcing campaign. Well I’m very happy to report that 50 hours later, Simon was successful in raising the money meaning his new brand of toilet paper (with 50% of profits going to sanitation projects) will be launching later this year!

The video I’ve posted today however is from late 2011 and shows Simon explaining his concepts on a new wave of philanthropy, geared more towards individuals and market based solutions. Essentially, he argues consumers themselves can become philanthropists based on three key tenants:

1) You cannot sell low quality products
2) There cannot be an excessive price premium
3) Purchases cannot be motivated by guilt

Simon is currently putting these ideas into action and setting up a not-for-profit bar called Shebeen in Melbourne selling beer from developing nations with the profit being returned to the produces and their communities.

Cracking stuff!


Do you give a crap?

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Australian social entrepreneur Simon Griffith is attempting raise $50,000 to purchase the first bulk order of ‘Who Gives A Crap’ toilet paper - a world first product that will provide 50% of its profits to WaterAid, a charity providing clean water and sanitation across the developing world. In order to raise the money Simon is seating down on a toilet, and not getting up until the money has been raised!

You can read an interview with Simon on the Smith Journal, and donate to this fantastic project right here - I just purchased 24 rolls myself!