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Strongbox and Aaron Swartz

Added on by Tom Cramond.

I'm fascinated by the life of Aaron Swartz and the work he was able to complete before in tragic suicide earlier this year. Today The New Yorker launched a new service called 'Strongbox' that allows anyone to provide documents to the newspaper in a completely anonymous and untraceable fashion

In truth it is such a shame that such a service is needed, especially with President Obama's hostility towards whisteblowers and a number of news organisations. Aaron was one of the good guys, a great loss for so many online and off.

"Aaron Swartz was not yet a legend when, almost two years ago, I asked him to build an open-source, anonymous in-box. His achievements were real and varied, but the events that would come to define him to the public were still in his future: his federal criminal indictment; his leadership organizing against the censorious Stop Online Piracy Act; his suicide in a Brooklyn apartment. I knew him as a programmer and an activist, a member of a fairly small tribe with the skills to turn ideas into code—another word for action—and the sensibility to understand instantly what I was looking for: a slightly safer way for journalists and their anonymous sources to communicate."

It's heartening to see modern digital technologies being used to preserve and protect free access to information and accountability. I desperately hope it proves to be a success, if for nothing else than a fitting memorial to an extraordinary human