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The Goodes Incident

Added on by Tom Cramond.

A great piece from Alex Walters on The Yarn on the racial abuse at last nights football match:

 The image of Goodes pointing out the offender will remain in our game for all time. It is to be hoped that instead of coming to symbolise division, cynicism and ignorance the image becomes a catalyst for an enduring recognition of the diversity and strength that indigenous players bring to the game

The way that Adam Goodes has handled this incident is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Curse of Australia's silent pervasive racism

Added on by Tom Cramond.

 Waleed Aly writing in The Age on Australia's very real problem of silent racism:

Our real problem is the subterranean racism that goes largely unremarked upon and that we seem unable even to detect. Like the racism revealed by an Australian National University study, which found you're significantly less likely to get a job interview if you have a non-European name. The researchers sent fake CVs in response to job advertisements, changing only the name of the applicant. It turns out that if you're surname is Chinese, you have to apply for 68 per cent more jobs to get the same number of interviews as a Anglo-Australian. If you're Middle Eastern, it's 64 per cent. If you're indigenous, 35 per cent.