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Bullying in the arts

Added on by Tom Cramond.

According to a 2011 survey in the UK, workplace bullying is more widespread in the arts than even the armed forces.

There is undoubtedly silence around the issue. Perhaps it's because people make allowances for what they see as artistic temperament, when in fact it's just a lack of human decency. Perhaps there's some hero-worship going on; and it may be that in an area where more people want to work than there are jobs, there is more room for exploitative behaviour.

Can artistic vision/passion/drive lead to a hostile work environment? And if so, are we more willing to put up with it because of its creative intent?

If we can describe it, We can measure it.

Added on by Tom Cramond.

As part of a discussion run by The Australia Council, Alan Brown discusses just how people are transformed by a live (arts) experience. It’s a pretty crazy notion, measuring what is actually happening to an individual while they are sitting in their seat watching a performance and how these experiences can remain with us for decades to come.

A long(ish) video, but if you’re interested in the transcendence experience that the performing arts can deliver - this video is a must.