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The One-Person Product

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I'm a little late to the party on this one, but Marco Armet's inside look in to the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo is a great read: 

Anyone who knows David can tell, very clearly, that he wrote every word of his announcement post. Not only did Yahoo let him end it like that, but the subhead on their official press release shows that Tumblr and Yahoo are seeing eye-to-eye on quite a lot already. In many ways, this feels more like a merger than an acquisition. This is clearly what David believes is best for his product. On such big decisions, he hasn’t been wrong yet. This time, though, I don’t have any doubts.

Marco was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Tumblr and his unique perspective on the company and it's founder is second to none.

Dear Gina

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A new tumblr offering 'sage wisdom and practical advice from everyone's favourite richest-woman-in-the-world'

Dear Gina,
I’ve recently come into some money and want to use it in a way that is of the most benefit to society, as I feel that the staggering social inequality in this country is the unjust result of an evil system perpetuated by the basest elements of human nature. Do you recommend donating to an existing charity or establishing a benefit or institution of my own?
Dear Blake
Please write in English next time.

Very funny.


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The posts below are from my old blog '' - a pop culture blog I maintained until the middle of 2012.

I've pulled the feed across using Squarespaces' amazing import tool and will continue to update it from here...

x tc