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Aaron Sorkin: Heros without capes or disguises

Added on by Tom Cramond.

Writer Aaron Sorkin on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’ with Terry Gross talking about his new show ‘The Newsroom’ and his writing process in general.

“I like writing idealistically and romantically, and if you can do that in a place that’s usually looked at cynically — the way journalism is now — you can get something fun out of it.”

It’s a fascinating interview, and having never heard Sorkin speak before I was really quite taken with his philosophy and approach to his work. I loved the West Wing, and I want to love The Newsroom, but it’s just not pushing all the buttons at this stage. Don’t get me wrong - I’m enjoying it, but it does leave a slightly funny taste in my mouth… The music especially is WAY over the top, but hey do make an effort to check it out and make up your own mind.