Australian Creative.

Joan Cramond

1916 - 2013

Mother to Keith, Colin and Nick. Grandmother to Kate, Ben, Josie, George, Tom and Tessa.


 My first reaction to Tessa calling me and telling me that Gran had passed away was to think just how frustrated she would have been to have died while my parents (Sue and Keith) were away overseas. I can’t imagine Gran would have been too impressed that her passing created any degree of inconvenience or bother for any of her family.

It is this good natured, self deprecating humor, tinged in sincerity and a gentle kindness that I will most remember about her.

Wife, Mother and Grandmother - Gran embodied the best of her generation, and proudly asserted her independence living at home until she was 94. She carried with her a determination forged through the great depression and as the wife of Australian soldier, a partner that left this earth over 30 years ago.

Alert until the end, she maintained a sharp wit, intellect, curiosity and genuine sense of joy that still radiates from those that knew her.

She set a hell of an example for her grandchildren to proudly follow

Music: Spring 1, Recompositions of Four Seasons by Max Richter, 2012  


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