Australian arts manager, marketer, and digital creative.

The Yarn

I began working with Kristian and Alex from The Yarn (An Australian sport and pop-culture blog) in April 2013, helping them to establish a very quick and dirty squarespace site for their new site. With a number of their articles receiving significant online traction, the team had quickly out grown the linear text heavy blog they had begun with.

Working with both of them over the course of a few weeks in May, I moved their site to a wordpress install with a customised template and design creating a modern and accessible site for their works. We focused heavily on the ramping up our audience engagement through a variety of design and social elements pulling together a cohesive and structured content product for the growing band of readers.

I am continuing to work on the site in a very hands on way to better build the technological bridge between The Yarn's excellent writers and our audiences. You can view our work here.